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Monitor Your Phones

Dees Service Observing and DeesLink Remote Access


Improve your call center's efficiency with Live Monitoring

Dees' service observing units provide complete call monitoring and talk assist capabilities. They are compatible with almost any analog telephone system, e.g., CENTREX, PBX or Key System lines. Available in two versions, Model CM-10 monitors up to 10 lines and CM-30 monitors up to 30 lines.

To monitor lines, assign a supervisor's telephone set and numbers for those lines you wish to monitor. Then, using the supervisor's set, dial the numbers for the line you want to monitor. You may move from one set to another by either hanging up and then dialing the new number, or by dialing the pound button (#) and then the new number. When the line is being monitored, nothing can be heard by the parties on the lines. However, if preferred, an optional Alert Tone can be turned on to indicate to the conversing parties that the line is being monitored.

The CM-10 and CM-30 have a built in Talk Assist feature to allow the supervisor to enter into a call whenever necessary. It is easy to activate. The observer simply presses the asterisk button (*) on his or her phone set. No add-on products are required for this feature.

As your business grows, the CM-30 can grow with you. The CMX-300 Service Observing Expander will expand your system to monitor up to 90 lines in increments of 30 lines per unit. Installing the Dees' service observing units is easy and consists of tying down the cross connects of the CM-30 or CM-10 to those lines you wish to observe. Both units operate on a 24 VDC unfiltered power supply. Both units can be ordered with a power supply.

If you are in the kind of business where your survival and success is dependent on your sales and service representatives making effective use of the telephone to reach the marketplace, the Dees service observing units will be invaluable to you. Ideally suited to telemarketing firms, sales order desks, technical support desks, customer service departments, service departments, etc. With the CM-10 or CM-30 installed, you can monitor any or all calls made by your sales and support staff from your telephone set whenever you want. These units are also ideal for training purposes. During a training session, if a trainee gets into difficulty during a call, you can activate the Talk Assist feature and join in on the call to help. If you prefer to let the callers know that they are being monitored, activate the Alert Tone option.

Dees CM-30 service observing Dees CMX-300 Expansion


CM-10 Service Observing Unit-10 Lines $410.00

CM-10PSU Service Observing Unit-10 Lines with Power Supply $440.00

CM-30 Service Observing Unit-30 Lines $560.00

CM-30 Service Observing Unit-30 Lines with Power Supply $585.00

CMX-300 Expansion-30 Lines $475.00

CM-30 Service Observing Unit-USED 30 Lines with Power Supply $350.00

CMX-300 Expansion-30 Lines USED $300.00

368 Power Supply $50.00

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Remote Access Unit

DeesLink is a secure, multiuser, programmable remote access unit; which allows password protected dial access by off-premise users to your communication system. DeesLink assures access to your office communications systems and can be controlled with complete protection against unauthorized use. With DeesLink you can allow multiple users access to your communications systems, each with their own individual profiles. Accessibility and user features are programmed as user profiles in non-volatile memory. DeesLink supports one user at a time, but allows up to 8 different user profiles.

DeesLink Model 340

DeesLink, model 340 Price $500.00

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