Choose a Best Audio Format for your Music Player

Different audio formats have different purposes. AIFF format is ideal for CD burners. Perfectionists prefer WAV. iTunes supports the unique AAC music format for Apple’s “i Series” Players. To reduce the file size, convert MP3 to WMA. MP3 is compatible with all Music Player but not all of them.

Audio formats come in many varieties and have different applications. Some music players are compatible with the MP3 format while others may not be. e.g. Apple iPods players (iTouch and Classic) are compatible with MP3 files. Reduce file size by converting MP3 to WMA. Convert MP3 into AIFF to burn CDs. Convert AAC files to MP3 format for your MP3 player. etc. Our entertainment lives have been dominated by the use of audio converters mp3 download.

MP3 is compatible with all Music Player but not always the first format we choose. What if you had to choose between MP3 or WMA?

MP3 tracks can be played by almost all players, including portables and computers. The most common music format is MP3. WMA files (Windows Media Audio) converted with the same quality of an MP3 will only be half the size. WMA-formatted music can be stored on 128MB Compact Flash Cards for about 4 hours. The song was played at half bit rate (64WMA = 128MP3). At half the size, I found that the quality was nearly identical. WMA sounds better with 64kbps. Its high compression ratio makes it superior to MP3 at this bitrate. Only the MP3 is twice as quick to rip as the WMA.

WMA does not seem bad. In fact, WMA’s threshold is 128. However, when the Bit Rate is higher than 192K MP3 can beat it in terms of sound quality. WMA on the contrary is an extremely protected format. WMA was used for Music DRM (Digital Rights Management) in order to prevent copyright violations. What format should I choose? What matters is the size. WMA is the best option for guys concerned with size.

The above information should have helped you choose the right format for your Media Player. What follows: How do I convert Audio into Audio for my music player?

1. Download Audio Converter – Video Sharer. Install the software and register. 2. In “Profile”, you will find all audio formats. Edit function can be used to reduce the length of music. 3. Once you click on “Convert”, the music will be converted. You can now transfer your music files to a variety of music players using a USB cable.