Impacts of Graphic Design Development on Teaching Graphic Design

I am not convinced that the Arabic library includes enough books about Graphic Design. They could be used to support Arabic universities with specialized art schools and as special curriculum. The Arabic library includes some translations of books on artistic methodology, basic design, advertising, and other subjects that are related to advertising.

Graphic Design is an extremely complex concept that is often only partially understood. This concept is not represented adequately by advertising and publicity or printing design. It’s because this specialization received very little attention prior to the advent of computer in the Arab World.

Since the beginning of this specialization, the academic staff who was to teach it had to make the decisions about the study plan. Some of these planners were removed from the roots and some others thought that anyone can be a planner with a specialization within architecture or art. After carefully reviewing the complete study plans at most Arabic universities, it became apparent that they were not balanced and sometimes inadequate. Half of them were fine arts while others dealt with Graphic Design.

Graphic Design teaching methods must prioritize creativity. They should emphasize the demonstration and techniques, as well as their correlation with skill, to enable students of this specialization to reap the benefits of the study. This knowledge should also include studies in Graphic Design history and its theories, so that students can apply what they have learned to their own creativity and invention.

You must consider the needs for new Graphic Design students and those who will be graduating. This is why we have developed a plan that can gradually refine and improve the skills and techniques of graphic design students.

Graphic Design history, techniques, and manual skills are required for students at the first level. This will allow them to learn to design and create integrated campaigns that include logos, posters and Internet homepages.

High level students must be exposed and taught how to use the techniques and intellectual skills to improve their creativity and innovation. They should also learn how to present their work collectively and individually through a series integrated projects. These techniques should offer enough opportunity for students to apply through a number of specialties in Graphic Design. Without studios and labs capable of performing the necessary role, and cadres skilled technically and knowledgably to accomplish the Graphic Design goals. Graphic Design syllabus is both based on the practical and the theoretical principle. Furthermore, it mentally qualifies students to face the changes in time and gives them the tools to do so.